Dusan Paunovic’s creations boast precision cuts, exceptional fabrications, and an exquisite attention to workmanship details that elevate them beyond old-school minimalism. Ultimately, his collection defines the ‘NEW’ luxury of today. ‘My fashion is a lifestyle,’ says Paunovic who does not show according to the official fashion week calendars. ‘ When I am making these clothes, I always think what the houses of the women who are wearing them are like. This is very important to me.’
There is a strong dna foundation within every collection created by Dusan based firmly on a ‘loose luxury’ lifestyle that spans from the highly sophisticated chic woman to the ‘cool’ fashion girl that appreciates his modern proportions.

Each collection shares a sophisticated color palette with a rich organic undertone combined with the highest level of fabric integrity.
Each season he experiments with new handmade techniques, but always with a luxury spirit.

Dusan Paunovic’s Milan atelier is as reductive as his fashion line.
They mimic, in many ways, the subtle yet intriguing details of his atelier.


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